Does your company have products you want to sell on We work with companies of all shapes and sizes; if you have something new and innovative we would be very interested in checking it out.

We currently only stock products in the following categories:
Boat Docks

If we do decide to carry your product online, we have only a few strict rules that we expect all vendors to follow. For more information please send an email to with "Product Submission" as the email title. DO NOT send any attachments, these emails can be picked up by our spam filters and automatically deleted.

A submission does not automatically guarantee acceptance. We reserve the right to accept or revoke your product at any time. If requested, samples may be sent at your expense and will not be returned. Unsolicited samples will likely get lost; do not mail anything unless asked to. If HarborWare offers your product online, it will not guarantee your company sales or profitability. If HarborWare offers your product, we reserve the right to use your company name and/or logo on marketing materials to promote your product specifically or as a whole.