Basic terms, synonyms and definitions of common boat dock products and boating supplies.



Anchor Shackle - A component used to attach a boat anchor to a chain, cable or rope.



Boat Fender - An air filled rubber device, in either a round or tubular shape, that hangs from the side of a boat to cushion it from impact while docked or parked next to another watercraft. It protects the boat and anything next to it from damage (similar to dock bumper).


Buoy - A floating device that's anchored to a lake or sea floor serving as a marker for boats.



Cleat (boat cleat, dock cleat) - A T-Shaped device, usually made of metal, that attaches to a surface for tying a rope down on one end to secure a boat or object on the other rope end.



De-Icer (dock de-icer, water agitator) - A water agitator that functions as a means to keep ice from forming around a boat dock in colder climates.


Dock (boat dock, wet dock, pier, harbor, dock slip) - A place where a boat is parked on water.


Dock Bumper (dock fenders, dock edging, rub-rail, dock protection, dock cushion) - A device made of plastic or vinyl used to reduce the impact of a boat hitting a boat dock while docking. It protects both the watercraft and the dock from damage. 


Dock Float (float drum) - A roto-molded plastic tank, flat on all four sides and foam-filled, used as the foundation to build a floating boat dock.


Dry Dock - A place where a boat is parked or stored on land.


Dock Hardware (fasteners, connectors, brackets) - Metal components used to construct and fortify a boat dock, commonly used in wooden dock frames.


Dock Rollers (dock wheels) - Plastic or rubber rolling devices that are attached to a shaft. When a boat rubs against the rollers while docking into a boat slip, the rollers will turn on the shaft and guide the boat into the slip.



Ladder (dock ladder, boat ladder) - A marine ladder is used for a person to climb on to a boat dock or watercraft from a body of water. Sizes vary from 3-Steps to 7-Steps or more and are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel metal to prevent rusting.


Life Ring - A flotation device used for emergencies in the event someone falls overboard a boat, some are attached to a rope to pull people back to the boat.



Mooring Ring - A mooring ring is a metal plate with a ring attached on top used for mooring boats. The plate is fastened to a surface and the ring is used for threading a dock line through.


Mooring Snubber - An elastic rubber device used to prevent a dock line from breaking due to heavy movement of a boat docked on water.



Pile Holder (leg holder) - Dock hardware component used for securing a dock pile to a boat dock or pier.



Solar Light (dock light) - A lighting device powered by solar energy that's used as a marker for boats that are distant from a dock at night. Some solar lights can be seen from over 4 miles away and can be aid for ships that are lost. Various other solar lights emit minimal light to make a dock path visible at night.  



Tow Rope (water-sports rope) - A long rope that attaches to a moving boat on one end for dragging a person on the other rope end (sometimes with a handlebar), commonly used for wake-boarding, water-skiing and tubing. Tow ropes are manufactured in different styles to meet the needs of different water-sport activities.  



UHMW Rollers - UHMW is an abbreviation for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is an extremely tough form of plastic, useful in applications were high-impact protection of heavy objects (such as boats) is needed. UHMW rollers are designed to be used in boat dock roller assemblies.   



Winch (dock winch, boat winch, anchor winch) - A dock winch is commonly used in large floating marinas to anchor the docks in place, reducing movement and keeping them from floating away. A boat winch is used to help pull a boat onto a trailer and to lock it in place.