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When you setup an account on our website we will ask for your shipping address, billing address, and basic contact information. This information, as well as your previous orders, will be stored in our secure servers for your convenience. Please do not submit sensitive addresses and contact information.

We will never ask for a full credit card number through email, and for security purposes we advice you not to email us your credit card number for an order. However, we may confirm an order through email with one of the following: name on card, last four digits of card number, expiration date, and/or 3-digit number on back.

We may use third party companies for mailing, website hosting, promotions and other similar services who would temporarily have access to your contact information. You may receive advertisements from Harborware, Insul-Bead, or brands we own ONLY. We do not sell or lend out your personal or contact information to third party companies for their own marketing initiatives. In few occasions we may cross-promote with other companies in a mutual partnership for your benefit and they may temporarily have access to your contact information in that circumstance.

You may opt out of email promotions should you choose.

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