Why We Want More American Made Products
A few decades ago, that old humble term "American Made" didn't carry a lot of weight. Then at the turn of the century we witnessed the effects of unemployment from millions of jobs getting sent overseas, 6.4 million to be exact. That's equivalent to the entire population of Los Angeles and Chicago combined. 'The Man' said "Americans don't want to work hard!" We disagreed... to say the least.

In 1967 our founding fathers began forging the finest dock building materials in America. Although we grew quite a bit from that small pole barn we started out of, our work ethic and passion for making great products never changed. We simply believe America makes things better and our customers should never have to say "thing's just aren't made like they used to be."

Made in USA and American Made dock floats, dock cleats, boat dock bumper, dock lockers, dock boxes, buoys and boating supplies.

NOTE: Please check product descriptions to identify which products are American Made and which are imported.